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Taulman3d Alloy 910 1.75mm 1Lbs

Taulman3d Alloy 910 1.75mm 1Lbs

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The alloy 910 is one 3Dprinting filament which satisfies different high-performance 3D printing needs. It has the durability of Nylons, a combined tensile strength higher than strongest co-polymers and a vast range of chemical resistance.

It is an all in one solution that is easily printable at 250-255C. It is soluble in ComPlete and takes up acid based dyes quite well. Allow 910 has the least water absorption of all similar materials containing Nylon component.

It is an ideal material for molding, robotics, machining or any other prototypes which require high tensile strength and durability. It is also perfect for uses such as direct mounting to auto motors or diesel motors for ports.

Alloy 910 prints clear and is FDA approved for contact with both food and drink. So you will find this material heavily used in the manufacturing of cups, bottles, thermos, utensils, and flasks. It is also used in packaging food products which require a longer shelf life.

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