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Slice Engineering 300 Degree Thermistor

Slice Engineering 300 Degree Thermistor

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Thermistor: High Temperature

Product Description:

300°C Thermistor

- Accurate from room temperature up to 300°C

- Robust construction

- Compatible with most 3D printer firmware, including Marlin and Duet*

- Perfect for expanding a 3D printer's material capabilities to the limits of open-air machines




Use in conjunction with Boron Nitride Paste for the highest accuracy results.

Primary benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for high temperature RTD's or having two separate thermistors to maintain accuracy at both the low and high end of the temperature spectrum
  • These are simply the highest performing thermistors on the market
  • 15 mm long. 3 mm diameter, the de facto standard for sleeved thermistors
  • Each thermistor is attached to 2 meter bare leads making it easy to install on virtually any printer.
  • Made in the USA

*NOTE: Installation of a new thermistor will require selecting the correct sensor in your firmware settings. Some printers may require an update of the RT table in the printer firmware, especially for the 450°C Thermistor. Not all 3D printers allow firmware updates. Please check to ensure your printer will allow firmware updates, otherwise the thermistor will not work.

The 450°C Thermistor should not be used with printers that use a RAMBo Mini V1.3a or any older version of this board. Common printers with this board include the Prusa MK2.5s, the Prusa MK2.5, the Prusa MK2s, and the Prusa MK2.

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