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Proto Pasta Burnt Orange Metallic Copper HTPLA - 1.75mm .5KG

Proto Pasta Burnt Orange Metallic Copper HTPLA - 1.75mm .5KG

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Automotive-inspired metallic finish for layer-hiding texture without finishing.

Burnt Orange HTPLA has a beautiful copper finish without the use of any metallic fillers

Print with the ease of standard PLA filaments using standard 3d printing hardware and temperatures, but make fun, mesmerizing copper colored prints that stand out with a convincing metallic finish. Celebrate good times by printing metallic orange PLA toys, treasures, and keepsakes. If you want to make a print more fun, just add some metallic pop! The metallic copper finish comes from glitter flakes that are relatively small but have some orientation effects, giving top/bottom surfaces more shine than sidewall, so have some fun playing with orientation to see how the result changes!

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